Summer School

The theme for the 2024 PALA Summer School will be Stylistics and Education. The Summer School will be run by: Marcello Giovanelli (Aston, UK), Megan Mansworth (Aston, UK) and Furzeen Ahmed (Aston, UK). 

The Summer School will take place on Monday 24 June and Tuesday 25 June 2024 at Sheffield Hallam University’s City Campus.

We are pleased and excited to announce that the PALA ‘Stylistics and Education’ Summer School 2024 will cover the following topics: 

Session One: Introduction to Stylistics and Education

Session Two: Text World Theory and Literary Talk 

Session Three: Stylistics, Policy Analysis, and Teacher Identity 

Session Four: Cognitive Grammar and Educational Stylistics

Session Five: Stylistics, Education and Emotion

Session Six: Stylistics and Children’s Literature  

Session Seven:  Stylistics in Higher Education

Session Eight : Personal Research Development Focus